"ma ghetto yoots are about!"
by lez March 6, 2003
Yoot. A word mispelled by a 15 year old who tried to spell 'ute'. Originated in 2016 from a remote camp site. There are several people who created this word and are apart of a community called #TeamYoot.
Someone saying sh*t you don't care about?

Cut them off and say yoot.
In an awkward situation with someone?
Break the ice by saying yoot.
by #TeamYootJM April 7, 2017
The Past tense version of Yeet
Hey do you guys remember when i yoot that can of beans yesterday?
by Makimo Madrigal December 12, 2017
Sorry for yooting my phone at you, because I hate you.
by Cornstarch03 November 14, 2017
To eat a polar bear's ass while masturbating.

(If you couldn't tell already, this is a joke)
"Woah dude, that guy's yooting in public! What a fucking weirdo."
by Twisted Panties November 11, 2018