Short for Yu-Gi-Oh! A very popular card game/Anime. The natural habitat for 'yoogs' players is the Oldham library.
I can't do anything fun for 7 hours, I'm'm off to play the yoogs at library.
by coolbackthen January 2, 2014
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1. A Brooklyn accented pronunciation of the word "huge" where the 'H' consonant becomes silent and the long 'U'is pronounced as a supplement consonant as well a sharp 'oo' vowel sound pronounced more forcefully than the Standard American accent.

This pronunciation is popularized by Independent Senator and hopefully future president Bernie Sanders currently running for the executive office of the United States.

2. An all-around badass way to say "huge".
1. "All across this nation we've had yooge turnouts of people saying enough is enough!" - Bernie Sanders to a group of supporters

2. "Sit on my yooge jewish dick!" - Bernie Sanders to a group of hot women
by Tungsten September 3, 2015
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An alternate spelling for 'huge'

I don't need to add an example. It's an alternate spelling for 'huge' If this isn't clear and you need an example, you have more serious problems to deal with right now than learning the definition of 'yooge'
by Bubalzibubba July 11, 2008
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A really great and famous content creator on YouTube.
Have you seen the new Yoog video? It was so awesome!
by yoogfan69 May 29, 2023
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a random nonsensical word made up by me and my bff
to tune of 'she bangs'

she yoogs! she yoogs! oh baby, when she cacks! she cacks!
by jELiMi May 21, 2004
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the usuall- something that happens on occasion, commonly done.
going home, doing homework, you know, the uge uge(pronounced YOOGE)
by poopz mcgee October 7, 2009
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