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Yomna is an arabic islamic name given to girls with amazing, trustworthy personalities.
Most girls with that name tend to look their best at all times. They have dark hair and wear glasses. They always have people to hang out with and lots of friends. They're always happy even if the worst happens.they have a great sense of humor.

People with the name "Yomna" are trustworthy and loyal. They're always decent and have a lot of courage. They fear fire and love water.

They are ones to depend on.
When people see yomna, they say oh "here comes yomna" or "that's the coolest person I've ever met"

When "Yomna" is called out for attendace at school, all girls look at Yomna with jealousy they think "why can't we be like Yomna" while boys look at Yomna with admiration and even love.
by supitsreal October 07, 2011
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Yomna is a very attractive girl that is loved by every one and she has the best personality and the best body especially the curves (breast and butt) and shes always a leader
Oh look yomnas here its gonna be a lit day
by Itsmeguys August 17, 2017
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Yomnaa is a pretty girl but sometimes she is a little bit free with her body and most guys love her because of her body the other girls get jealous easily from her shes always on fleek and everything is on point but they usally have big breast and big butt and this is why shes attractive about her vagina no one likes it but her personality is so strong and but shes easily annoyed
Yomna is here i love her juggs
by Itsmeguys August 19, 2017
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