A day that falls on June 7th and is very similar to Dope as Fuck day, but instead of being Dope as Fuck your Lit as Fuck (LAF for abbreviation). Inspired by Quentin Cook from Lunatics.
'' I'm Lit as Fuck, through the working week they say. ''
'' Guys that was a fucking LAF day ''
'' Guess what you dead shits tomorrow is National LAF day''
'' I'm so excited for Lit as Fuck day on the 7th of June"
by BULLTUCKER May 8, 2019
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When you have a really fun day or time doing something
I had a lit ass day with Jessica at the mall
by Littytittygirl August 20, 2017
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The one day of the week that is assigned to be lit
Guy 1: You dude i heard you hooked up with anna on lit day.
Guy 2:Yea dude im excited for the next lit day
by H2OLimbo April 26, 2016
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