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when someone usually under the age of 21 comes poorly prepared to a camping trip "without booze" and then visits another campsite and relieves them of their delicious treats and beer.
Tonight was going to be a sober night until jimmy went yogi bearing for that ice chest.
by Genitalia1371duecenine June 12, 2010
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The act of taking booze by sneaking into random backyards and going through their outdoor fridges, mini-bars, or coolers. This is done when you don't have any money to buy booze, you do not want to buy booze, or you are not old enough to buy alcohol.

Yogi- A person who searches for and takes the booze.
Boo Boo- A person who keeps watch for people who would catch you.
(There can be multiple Yogis and Boo Boos)
Guy 1 "Hey dude, we are all out of money and beer!"
Guy 2 "Let's just go Yogi-Bearing."
Guy 1 "Ok, but ill be a Boo Boo since you got us caught last time when I was the Yogi."
by fwsd June 29, 2009
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The act of sneaking into someone's house, usually at night, through their backyard and stealing their booze. This can be done to a specific person you know, or be done house to house in a neighborhood.
"Dude, we're out of booze. Let's go Yogi Bearing around the neighborhood."
by Victor the Virile April 08, 2009
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