when someone usually under the age of 21 comes poorly prepared to a camping trip "without booze" and then visits another campsite and relieves them of their delicious treats and beer.
Tonight was going to be a sober night until jimmy went yogi bearing for that ice chest.
by Genitalia1371duecenine June 12, 2010
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A cartoon from the Cartoon Network program: Hanna Barbera. The show features Yogi. A bear who wears a green hat and a green tie. Yogi is well-known for stealing food from visitors at Jellystone Park. Apparently, Yogi doesn't seem to care about what food items he steals (from stacks of hot-dogs to bowls of ice cream). Yogi also has a short sidekick, who is also a bear, but wears a blue bowtie. His name is Boo-Boo.

Yogi and Boo-Boo go on various adventures around Jellystone Park. However, Boo-Boo warns Yogi about the consequences of having to face the park ranger whenever he gets in trouble. It is unknown about why Yogi steals food for the heck of it. He is also in a relationship with a female bear named Cindy. She does not seem to like the idea of Yogi stealing food 24/7. Meanwhile, the park ranger tries to stop Yogi from stealing food in various ways as the show goes on.
Me: Hey. You wanna go to Jellystone Park? It's 85 degrees outside and it's sunny

Friend: Sure! Let's grab some picnic food and go! And lets not forget our tennis equipment

At the park...

Me: *Eating a PB and Jelly sandwich* Mmm! This is good!

Friend: We should come here more often. Don't you think?

Me: Hell yeah!

*Yogi Bear shows up*

Yogi: Hiya, ladies! Could you offer me some of your food?

Me: Is that a talking bear?

Friend: ?
by JellyBean600 June 14, 2018
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‎Wearing nothing but a neck tie and a collar. Similar to "Donald Ducking it", except more nude/formal.
My girlfriend told me that the party had a formal dress code. So I wore a tie and nothing else.. aka Yogi Bearing it, and got arrested. see donald duck
by KCDonkeyShow July 28, 2010
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A line of drinks. Modified from the bear fight and lunchbox. Irish Car Bomb then a Jager Bomb then a Lunchbox.

Drink in a Row, don't stop.

1. Car Bomb

2. Jagerbomb

3. Lunchbox - 1/2 Pint of Light Beer - Drop in a shot of Amaretto topped with 151.

Originally named 2 Bears fighting over a lunchbox. You'll know why.
Let's do bear fights. Fun drink, but it got to the point where we could drink them without losing your lunch.

Add the lunchbox. Call it a Yogi Bear. Perfect. Most people can't finish it, let alone keep it down.
by nworbyxob March 27, 2013
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The act of taking booze by sneaking into random backyards and going through their outdoor fridges, mini-bars, or coolers. This is done when you don't have any money to buy booze, you do not want to buy booze, or you are not old enough to buy alcohol.

Yogi- A person who searches for and takes the booze.
Boo Boo- A person who keeps watch for people who would catch you.
(There can be multiple Yogis and Boo Boos)
Guy 1 "Hey dude, we are all out of money and beer!"
Guy 2 "Let's just go Yogi-Bearing."
Guy 1 "Ok, but ill be a Boo Boo since you got us caught last time when I was the Yogi."
by fwsd June 30, 2009
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Also a great song which is perfect for drunken occasions. Goes along the lines of this (although has many varients):
"I know someone you don’t know, Yogi, Yogi,
I know someone you don’t know, Yogi, Yogi Bear.
Yogi, Yogi Bear. Yogi, Yogi Bear.
I know someone you don’t know, Yogi, Yogi Bear.

Yogi has a little friend, Booboo, Booboo.
Yogi has a little friend, Booboo, Booboo Bear.
Booboo, Booboo Bear. Booboo, Booboo Bear
Yogi has a little friend, Booboo, Booboo.

Yogi has an enemy, Ranger, Ranger.
Yogi has an enemy, Ranger, Ranger Smith.
Ranger, Ranger Smith. Ranger, Ranger Smith.
Yogi has an enemy, Ranger, Smith.

Yogi likes it in the snow, Polar Bear.
Yogi likes it up side down, Koala Bear.
Yogi likes it in a car, Panda Bear.
Yogi's got a girlfriend, Suzy Bear.
Suzy likes it ‘gainst the fridge, Polar Bear.
Booboo likes it up the ass, Brown Bear.
Yogi has a 10" cock, Black Bear.
Suzy likes to shave her pubes, Grizzly Bear.
Yogi likes it with a chew, Kodak, Bear.
Suzy wears crotchless panties, Teddy Bear.
Suzy’s snatch it smells like cheese, Camembert.
Suzy she has great big tits, More than I can bear
Suzy likes to threesome, Lucky Bear.
Booboo likes it in a tree, Koala Bear.
Yogi likes lingerie, Teddy bear."
(thanks to www.welsh-nutter.co.uk/songs/yogi.html for the song)
Apparently sung to the tune of Camptown Races?
Drunken Dude: "Lets do some really loud singing"
Drunken Dude II: "What about Yogi Bear? That song rocks!
by Son of Ronin August 25, 2004
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To steal a co-worker's lunch from the breakroom fridge.
I was so hungry today, I starting Yogi bearing the fridge at work.
by James Frohlich January 3, 2012
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