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girl 1: Are you ready for MMM

girl 2: yup its my favorite month after june
by im u fucking sadist17 April 5, 2021
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KiNkY a term used way too often by Gen-Z. Kinky is anything sexually out of the box or non-vanilla. This includes BDSM, Mommy/Daddy undertones, Knife play and more.
1. person 1: "My lil bro was actin a fool and my mom choked his ass!"

person 2: "KiNkY"
both: *dies of laughter*

example 2:

“You love it when I mark you don’t you little slut? The thought of someone seeing all these marks makes you wet doesn’t it? Someone seeing the great Wonder Woman covered in hickeys and realizing you aren't anything except my bitch.” Shayera growled into Diana’s neck. Diana could do nothing but quiver in Shayera’s lap and Barbara was shocked at how much control Shayera had over Diana. She looked over at Kara who also looked surprised but more intrigued. Shayera finally released Diana’s flowing black hair causing the amazon to look back in Shayera’s sultry emerald orbs. Shayera dug her nails into Diana’s left ass cheek as she cupped Diana’s mound and began teasing her juicy pussy lips through the thin fabric of her star spangled panties. Diana began rolling her hips against Shayera’s shapely thighs desperate for any type of friction.

This is a great example of kinky sex its also an excerpt from Dianas Secret Tapes on AO3 so if u like this check it out ;)
by im u fucking sadist17 December 27, 2021
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The month after No Finger Febuary. During this month all participating people with vaginas must masturbate at least 3 times each day wich shouldn't be hard if you participated in NFF.
by im u fucking sadist17 April 5, 2021
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A mommy milker is a MILF lover it also applies to people who just love big tits
All the Dimitrescu stans are mommy milkers, smh
by im u fucking sadist17 June 5, 2021
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Where Donald Trump is moviing after he gets booted out of the white house.
Ex 1:

A: did you hear? Joey and his sister ran off to Alabama!
B: I knew they looked at eachother wierd.

Ex 2:

A: I heard you were moving, where to?
B: Alabama.
A: *stares suspiciously*
B: Oh, don't worry. All my family is dead!
A: oh, phew.
A: wait-
by im u fucking sadist17 January 26, 2021
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