Has a long pipe, gives no whores attention is always down to ride and loves food and is a whore
Becky saw Yir and automatically got most.
by Natasha Andrews March 13, 2017
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yir maw a scottish saying is somtimes used as an insult, or to simply say "your mother"
person 1 - "your fat"
person 2 - "yir maw"

person 1 - "i dont like your homemade chips"
person 2 - "i dont like yir maw"

i'm going to visit my grand maw
by i'm yir maw June 5, 2009
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A Scottish slang term of ''your father.''

Frequently used as an insult followed by an embarrassing act/possession, which may or may not be true.

Can also be used as a complete sentence when losing an argument.
''yir dode has denim bed sheets''
by numbed October 16, 2016
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To Spew Yir Ring is to be violently sick, originates in Glasgow and usually crops up during the recount of events for an average Friday or Saturday night.
He ate so much, it'd make you want to spew yir ring!
by The Patter August 19, 2006
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to take some 1s head of, usually said in anger
"I m gonna rip u r heed aff n shite doon u r neck!"
by BigLeary May 20, 2005
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An expression commonly used as a last resort in trying to determine the cause of a problem. May also be screamed extremely loudly, from a moving vehicle, out of a partially opened window.
Person A: "Yeah, I canny figure it oot. I have tried everything."
Person B: "Did you pay yir bill?"
Person A (inside a moving car): "DID YOU PAY YIR BILL !?!?!?"
by Muirhouse Patter September 19, 2019
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