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An individual who holds both the characterisitcs of a yuppie and a hipster. They are usually successful in business and feel special or unique for liking the underground indie culture.
For the yipster, the term 9 to 5 is reversed. They will work until 9pm, then go out and party at an underground club til 5am...and make it back at work by 10.
by Ken Kitch April 21, 2006
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Yipster is derived form the word combination of Yuppie & HipsterA yipster is a person whose physical appearance resembles a hipster, but yet, rejects the uber philosophy of hipsterdom. Since they don't side with one side or the other, they tend to think that they are above everyone else. They are people who would hang out in an up and coming area, but yet never live in that area.
look at that guy with the skinny jeans.. he's talking to a room full of popped collar, khaki wearing guys discussing their plans for the DMB concert. He must be a Yipster.
by Jemex June 19, 2008
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Yipster is a terminological hybrid of the the words, "Hipster" and "Yuppie" borne out of the geographical and cultural proximities between two gentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York: Williamsburg and Park Slope.
Kevin is a yipster because he hides his tattoos at the office under long sleeves.
by malcolm816 November 08, 2006
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a word used to describe a penis. a slang term, made up by a black kid in suburban philadelphia named chris.
you need to chill with that ig' stuff yo, and just yimmy the yipster
by conor March 31, 2005
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