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The term yinyang is derived from the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang and describes a particular type of verbal/written exchange between two people, someone can be yinyanged when after coming out with a witty testy or otherwise flirtatious comment or friendly put down the target instantly redeems themselves by yinyanging back with an equally witty response flowing with rather than against the initial comment given.
Woman: "Dont say rofl, its not cool :)"

Man: "na not cool at all but since you have enough cool for the both of us I decided I'd be the hot one for the sake of equilibrium."

Man: "shortie just got yinyanged, lets see you step up now.."
by JB Nuns January 09, 2010
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To be stuck in between two opposing forces. Comes from the Philosophy of Yin and Yang. That means that One thing cant exist without another, As you see in the symbol. THere is a white side and a black side, but a dot of the contrasted colors in the center of each side. There can't be a good if there isn't a bad. There cant be light if there wasn't dark and etc etc.

An example of a Yin Yanged situation would be more suited that it can be explained in more then one way. See the example below. Like a paradox, he/ she is being selfless for a selfish reason.

Yin Yanged Ex.: I am selfless because I don't want to feel guilty.
by JB/M December 07, 2008
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