hello homies, what's popping?

I'm doing well, did you take the Math test?

by doiajsifdnjknakjnds December 15, 2018
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the new hip way to say yes. if you haven't heard anyone use it yet, you're so obviously a loser.
"you going out tonight?"
by firefly89 September 24, 2005
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another way of saying owned, dominated, screwed, pwned or fuked.
Dude, I yezzed him at COD4

I totaly yezzed her... hard
by ARKELZ November 14, 2007
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Giving an affirmative response or indicating agreement in an unenthusiastic manner.
Hungover, I reluctantly answered my boss' call. "Did you finish the presentation?" she asked breathlessly. I hesitated, then "Yez," I replied, in a tone that I hoped would passive-aggressively convey my utter distaste for the presentation and for all other things work-related.
by SoSlightlyScarlet February 7, 2020
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During the day ,a quiet person who likes to spread love and kindnessand supportive to all they meet ,but during the night they open up to become someone with big dick energy
by C4thy_Beck5 April 14, 2020
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A cool way of saying Yes

Yez, I pwned you.
by RavenKbs February 8, 2003
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A typo of the word yes that is accepted as a word.
"Yez, I totally agree" John said to his friend.
by 757-is-great May 27, 2020
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