A cool way of saying Yes

Yez, I pwned you.
by RavenKbs February 8, 2003
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A typo of the word yes that is accepted as a word.
"Yez, I totally agree" John said to his friend.
by 757-is-great May 27, 2020
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Yez means Col
Search Col for the meaning of Col
Bob: Wow that chair looks col
Me: Yez
by NunuFarter April 28, 2021
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Some people are using the Y.E.Z. for wise.
by vnt February 6, 2004
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hello homies, what's popping?

I'm doing well, did you take the Math test?

by doiajsifdnjknakjnds December 15, 2018
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the new hip way to say yes. if you haven't heard anyone use it yet, you're so obviously a loser.
"you going out tonight?"
by firefly89 September 24, 2005
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