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- verb (yฤ›kst)

yexted, yexting, yexts

1. The pursuit of of one's desires or needs.

2. Lookin' fo' whatchu want.
Did you yext that phone number?

I yexted that place the other day and it's off da chain.
by yexter February 13, 2009
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1. A text message that was sent yesterday.

2. To ask if someone received your text message from yesterday.
1. Did you get my yext?

2. I yexted you. I never heard back.

3. I was yexting him all day and never heard back from him.
by Janthony529 June 29, 2011
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- verb/noun (yฤ›kst)

yexted, yexting, yexts

To yell through a text
1)I got so mad at my girlfriend that I sent her a nasty yext.

2) I'm yexting at my bitch of a friend for pulling that dick move.
by vanillanoobscoop April 01, 2009
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