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Someone who yells while texting. Similar to sexting, yet more creative and common.
Stop yexting at me, ya nincompoop!
by Jlundbeezy February 03, 2010
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When someone yells THROUGH texting via all capital letters, foul language, and several !!!!. . Sometines poor spelling is a sign of yexting as the sender is having a meltdown.

why are u yexting at me??😭
by PetawawaBoy October 30, 2016
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When your yearning for a text, then when you finally get it and you refuse to open it until you quit being a bitch.
Bruh 1: "Dude she hasn't texted me back in like an hour :c"
*receives text from said female*
Bruh 1: *looks at phone*
Bruh 1: *picks up phone but doesn't open message*
Bruh 2 : "Bruh! Quit being a bitch and yexting, open that shit!"
by Shit Of The Stain September 15, 2019
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1. Texting with many mistakes.
2. Texting while driving
1. I was texting Maddie and she started yexting like craxy.
2. That girl is yexting!
by Bob Kinkenburkenmingle July 24, 2008
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In the process of having a sound-reflecting tunnel, and a sniper rifle and/or something loud (like a tank), firing and hitting the head, powderizing every bone beyond any possible repair and liquefying the skull.

(Don't ask how the population came to this definition...)
Let's git to yexting dis guy!
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