means the same as emo
emo people USUALY take pictures of half there face looking away from the camra. its usualy taken bythemselves and you can see there arm. its eaither taken from the side or from above the top of there head and put it on there myspace and scrible out an area around there boobs so it looks like they scribbled out cleavlidge but there wasnt anythere in the first place

emo people have turned there hairsyle into an akward haircut usualy parted to theside. the guys have now pretty much merged there hair into a backwords mullet with the long bangs covering there face and a shortish cut in the back

ehh these are the steryotypes of emos
if you see one look horibly deep in there eyes...they probly wont/cant look into yours do to there insecurities about themselves
"i wish my grass was emooo so it cut itself"
by pulpy fiction July 15, 2006
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