responding to a person telling you what to do, explaining that you will do it.
mom: go wash the dishes and take out the trash
me: yes chef
by baldy2469 August 8, 2017
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a term used to confirm an affirmative position on a something suggested by the homies
preston: wanna bool?
me: yes chef
by devy12345 May 25, 2020
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A gleeful, sarcastic response used to mock an authority figure giving unreasonable instructions or non-constructive feedback.
Meatbag: What are you waiting for? That tank isn't going to stab itself to death with a butter knife!
Respondent: Yes Chef!

Jackass: This is fucking terrible! Do better next time.
Respondent: Yes Chef!
by F.A.S. November 23, 2022
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This is what you say when something isn't up to standard, especially Chef Ramsay's standard.
Gordon: the dog is POOPING on MY LAWN

Me: yes chef, sorry chef
by Mimi1308 February 21, 2021
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