To get your ass handed to you. To be put in your place (usually in the kitchen).
John the dishwasher just got ramsayed because he hasn't cleaned jack all day.
by Hong Kong Phooey Balooey February 15, 2008
“Get the Ramsay!”
by UKDriller April 25, 2018
A verb, derived from the proper noun Gordon Ramsay. To unleash a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse upon someone.
Listen mate, if you don't hurry up with my drinks order i'm going to go fucking ramsay on your ass.
by JPreston October 27, 2011
When Gordon Ramsay roasts the fuck out of chefs who are either having a failing business or being too cocky, or both.
Guy 1: "Damn, Ramsay sure Ramsayed that guy"
Guy 2: "Did he lose the lamb sauce again?"
by The Worlds Loneliest Man October 16, 2017
A member of a low-class family originating in North Yorkshire (some say from a small town named Int Bin), often compared to Pikeys & other unsavoury folk. Notable for their capacity for stealing (even from their own family), their low intellect, a tendency of the males to believe they're 'ard & the females to be slappers.
Who stole me' tractor
That'll be them Ramsays again, bloody thievin' buggers.

What a slag, she's definitely a Ramsay.
by KermitDaFrog27 November 1, 2011
A boy who usually has extremely bushy eyebrows and a butt-chin like Jonny Bravo's. He is seldom seen with any girl prettier than a bear, and seems to be obsessed with the most ridiculous of things. He is a boy who tries so hard at everything he ever does, but sadly fails ever to see a decent outcome.
'Wow! Look at the size of that guy's butt-chin, he's definitely a Ramsay!"
by Pink Hoodie August 15, 2011
When someone does or says something really morbid and just plain unethical.

Derived from Ramsay Snow of Game of Thrones.
Amanda: Hey do you like babies.

Calvin: Nah, I don't like puppy chow.

Amanda: Wow, you just pulled a Ramsay dude.
by Robotics Midterm Cheater May 19, 2016