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yellup originally from 'hellup' short for 'shut the hell up'
idealy used when someone is saying something that you dont agree with and you cut them off.
Hellup is used out of anger whereas yellup is more commonly used at any arrangement.
To imply emphasis extend the word i.e. yeeellluuuuuuup!
Isa: No one is allowed to come over the house to drink or play beer pong....

Myko: Let's Go to Mike's Dogs for din...

Myko: I'm Gay!

Cory: Who dented my truck?
Jesse: Yelllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuup!

G: I love jews from mars!
G: YELLUP to myslef!
by Dingus McGee February 22, 2008
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Yellup is a popular term used and created by adolescent boys who are bicurious about their sexuality. Yellup is a secret term that means "Im gay and Id much rather sodomize my other male friends than do what you are telling me to do" or "All i care about is tight buttholes"
Marco: Yellup!!
Myko: I agree! Yellup!

by smellypoopsicles March 23, 2008
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