Yeh I'm that guy
Yeh I'm that guy
by Yeh I'm that guy January 8, 2019
A typical response to a mate who is asking you to do him a favour or something stupid.
Jim: Oi Bazza come crush some cones with us tonight g.
Baz: ..... Yeh Nah Get Fucked.
Jim: Righto cunt.
by ozzonic November 29, 2018
Thats just how it be. Ya simply just trying too hard

A word used to describe a person whose is very tense
Hey pal yeh tryin too hard

Friend: Am i really that tense
by Tourtles1274 October 19, 2020
When you are morbidly obese or very known around the block, everything you do is a Big man ting yeh so you are doing big man tings yeh.
Opp:Pull up bitch.
Big man:I'm comin big man tings yeh.
by Big man doing Big man tings February 2, 2021
usually an interaction between 2 or more brits, saying that one will stab the others man.
mate 1: american football not real football yeh?

mate 2: there’s no such thing as american football , you say that again i’ll stab ye nan yeh?
by Carl-de-la-santos_sick January 18, 2021
A sentence said when you have either emasculated the person's lack of intelligence or have proved him or her wrong. That person in turn, once their intelligence is challenged to the depths of shitville, will pull the "Yeh that's right, I'm smarter than you!" when they attempt to prove you wrong in another fact of god knows what.

When the fucktard looses in an argument against someone, they will then be stumbled on that argument, thinking "fuck..I lost the game". They will then question you with an argument of something that is probably useless fucking knowledge to anybody.
Your computer has low RAM, your computer is slow as fuck and cannot run all that shit you have on your harddrive.

Yes it can, I just go delete my internet history and cache! Yeh that's right, I'm smarter than you!

2+2+2+2+2+2-2 x 0 isn't 0, if you knew about BEDMAS, you would know the order of operation of multiplication which would come first before addition or subtraction.

Oh yeh?!? Well my built-in calculator on my Windows 7 laptop says you are full of shit! Yeh that's right, I'm smarter than you!

(Police Officer) "Sir you were going way above the speed limit, I'm gonna have to impound your vehicle and take away your license"

Are you shitting me? My speedometer says otherwise asshole. Yeh that's right, I'm smarter than you! (gets head cracked open and cuffs smashed onto the skinny wrists)
by Apparently I'm not uber smart October 14, 2011