Buh yeh is another saying for "But yeah". It is slang from manchester and is very cool 💪
by netce tdoa January 6, 2022
bella yeh is an extraordinary girl, she is a great friend and a very independent woman. everyone likes her and thinks she’s a cool. bella has beautiful dark brown hair and her outfits will never seem disappoint. hanging out with her is like having the most fun ever. it’s almost never allowed to dislike bella because she doesn’t deserve to be disliked for a person like her.
#1“Wait, you know bella yeh?”
#2“Yeah, she’s my best friend.”
#2“Yeah, I know.”
by chesterscandy April 11, 2022
When you want other people to be quiet so you can make a point in a heated argument.
Gavin: “ I prefer Orange juice over Apple Juice
Stacey: “Nah nah nah yeh.. Apple juice is elite”
by davehascraves May 18, 2021
A way of responding to any dumbass comment without any struggle or stress, or it can be used as an agreement to something.
invented by River himself.
Alex- “how was your day?”
Me- “yeh corse
by RiverYehCorse September 17, 2021
Loh yeh moh yeh, a phrase invented by Jianhao Tan in the start of his Youtube career.
1. Jianhao, not knowing how to solve the question, simply saw Loh Yeh Moh Yeh in his head and told his student that.

-25 Singaporean Teachers

2. "Loh yeh Moh Yeh!" Jianhao said into the phone of the hotel.

-Things your are not allowed to do in SG but in foreign countries
by Word? Word? WORD! July 28, 2022
The most famous chef a lot of people never heard of. Despite the background she gives the audience, she doesn't look part Chinese, and says her food punches above it's weight, but tries to make it sound playful as a defense mechanism. There's a difference between saying something you want to do to somebody in an indirect way, and actually starting a fight with someody or hitting them.
Molly Yeh seems more like someone that lies to a millenial audience that never met her in real life about every aspect of who she is as a person to make money off/take advntage of the oppurtunities their viewership/TV ratings provide her.
by The Original Agahnim June 7, 2021
A toddler that outgrew her baby clothes.
Molly Yeh- Got my rattle, got my beets, got my onions. I like to throw food at people, because I'm a badass and I can!
by The Original Agahnim June 7, 2021