An amazing person! She is very caring, nice, responsible, dedicated, and so pretty. She is one of the prettiest girl in the world and you should be grateful if your friends with her! She's also a great friend to have in your life and she will definitely bring you up if you're feeling down! She also hates people who are not upfront with her, so be carefull because she will beat you up! So don't be afraid and just tell her how you feel whether it's about love or friendship!
Omg! My new friend yeh ju is so nice and amazing!!
by yeh ju March 14, 2017
Exclamation used when notching up another frag on a FPS(particularly Halo).
"Is that Gerry G squirming round that corner?"


"Let's see if he likes some of this......... HO YEH!"
by Scotsdave December 14, 2004
Expression used to express ones great interest in a something. Commonly used by Emeril on that cooking show.
Emik: Dude check out that out
Ray: ho yeh babe!

by ray jrg z December 6, 2006
A dooch bag, so strung on himself he actually believes yeh20's is not only a good number plate to have but a good phone number, all because of some stupid rims on a car!.
Hi im ......... Im a big deal, i have an awsome car with 20 inch rims.. my number plate is "yeh 20's" and you can call me on ... yeh 20's!..
by saw you in coffs harbour once February 4, 2010
convo ender. if a girl sends you this after you sent her a long love text ur done
boy: omg ur so hot and beautiful
girl: yeh thx lol
by ur boy ludde May 9, 2019
When you have never heard about something, but it sounds correct
Natasha: 'be there or be square' because you are not a'round'
Frida: Oh yeh huuuh
by Chocolatebootyy December 14, 2017