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Abbreviation for "you do you". A laid-back expression meaning to be yourself regardless of what people say or to do whatever you feel. Usually used in context of someone doing something unusual or generally not accepted.
Person 1: Would it be bad if I just ate all of these brownies?
Person 2: Nah, its fine, ydy

Person 1: That kid is so weird, always trying to lick his elbow with that donkey tongue of his
Person 2: He enjoys it. ydy

Person 1: I'm just gonna dance on this here table.
Person 2: Ydy
by bfish June 13, 2013
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A multi-billion dollar company made by Guyanese billionaire Michael Phang. He is also known as YDY Lil' Suush
Did you cop the new drop from YDY?
by YDY Yoonie November 24, 2018
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