Yazid is a common name for Britsh/African. He is usually patient and respectful. Also, he is usually short and really handsome. Finally, he usually is the coolest person ever. Yazid sometimes gets a girlfriend but, sometimes he doesn't
Yazid Is Nice.
by Gazid May 23, 2018
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Yazid is a common first name for Muslim countries/people. The origins are Arabic, when the common slave Yazid fasts for two weeks straight, as said in the Qur'an. In ancient Arabic philosophy, the name Yazid represents devotion and patience. However, the name can also represent poor circumstance. This is usually not in a derogatory sense, but rather in symbolism of humble beginnings.
My son, Yazid, has survived Cancer and has got a scholarship at MIT.
by Troy Roy September 25, 2017
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