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Term used by Joell Ortiz before one of his verses, he describes it:

"I got so many meanings of yaowa, it's crazy. First, it's used as a term of endearment for dudes around my way. How you say, 'What up?' We say, 'Yaowa!' It came from my man Smash. Shout to Smash. He used to be really drunk around the way. It's a distance between the buildings. He used to be saying, 'Yo, what up?' But he'd be so drunk, it sounded like he was saying, 'Yawhuhup?' He'd be twisted. I just turned it into yaowa. Every time I get on a beat, I say, 'Yaowa,' before I rap on it. Then I started playing around with it and turned it into meaning: 'you're actually one world away.' I be feeling like my flow is not of Earth. I zone out, become an alien with it. On another freestyle, I said, 'I'll put you in a hospital because my flow is so sick.' That's 'your ass on wild anesthetics.' I just be spazzin' out with the yaowa. But it's a term of endearment around my way."

-Joell Ortiz
by BeamerBenz January 11, 2011
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Term popularized by gifted Brooklyn lyricist Joell Ortiz, a sort of urban version of Fozzy Bear's "Wakka Wakka", meaning (according to Joe Budden) "absolutely nothing".

Can be said after any humorous statement,
or whenever the hell you feel like saying it.
1.) Yaowa!

2. I'm the one who always cause an affair, so every time your bitch burp, you smell my balls in the air! Yaowa!
by DonnieDanko. September 03, 2009
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An acronym for You Are One World Away said as a word, yaowa, sounding as one would commonly pronounce yow-ah. Originally just seemingly a gibberish ad-lib (see used by Joell Ortiz, a Brooklyn based rapper, he eventually defined it as meaning "You are One World Away."

He is apparently inferring that you are so far away from him you can't touch his rap skills. Many, including me, feel this is pretty true. He is currently a member of the Super Hip Hop Group known as Slaughterhouse.
by 3xBeam June 02, 2010
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NYC slang for Cannabis (Weed)
Yuur, you got yaowa? I got that yaowa on deck cop up. Yo bro I got some yaowa you tryna roll up?
by yuuuur777 May 15, 2019
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Yuur, you got yaowa? I got that yaowa on deck cop up! Yo bro I got some yaowa you tryna roll up? Damn bro I need some yaowa right now
by yuuuur777 May 15, 2019
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