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The Yanket is an invention of Peter Griffin (from the Family Guy TV series) that he created to masturbate in secrecy in "Underage Peter".

It comes with decoy arms that can hold items such as a remote or a beer. There are Yankets for various locations such as the store, sporting events and on the job. Chris finishes the episode using a Yanket, as Stewie observes that he masturbating out in the open previously.
Introducing the Yanket! The only blanket with built-in decoy arms...
by Enclave Razorback August 18, 2016
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Blanket made with built-in decoy arms used for yanking or jerking off without anyone noticing, first popularized by Peter Griffin of Family Guy.
Quagmire: Hey don't masturbate at the bus station , it's offensive.
Peter: Don't worry, I'll use my Yanket!
by Gaboon September 19, 2017
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