Another word for weak, little bitch, pussy, wimp, whatever other word for weak. Usually dies twice or more.
Gohan "Hey dad can you tell me a joke?"

Goku "Yamcha's life"
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by VictorRez3ov January 31, 2019
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Yamcha is a term used to compare anyone who keeps trying, but never wins.

Dragon Ball character

-He never wins against important characters

That said, he can beat unimportant ones, but those people are "UNIMPORTANT"
The only characters that Yamcha has ever beaten are the preliminary round fighters in the tournaments , who were defeated offscreen (just to show how unimportant they were)
by pointybee1 July 26, 2008
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Literally the worst character in Dragonball Z.

I don't think he ever won a fight. He also got dumped by Bulma. The only good thing about him is that some people mistake him for Gohan which just goes to show he can't think of an original look either.

If you want a good Yamcha watch DragonBall.
DBZ Fan1: Think Yamcha will beat Android 18?
DBZ Fan 2: Probably not, he's getting more useless each episode.
by A Zelda to the Past August 02, 2011
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When you pull out of the girl you're banging and shoot a load across her face, making sure a jet lands across her right eye, giving her the scarred appearance of the Dragonball character Yamcha.
I fucked my girl so hard that my dragonballs couldn't take it, so I gave her the biggest Yamcha.
by Turbovec December 06, 2009
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