Yamamoto (ya mamo)

In Mexico City slang: it broke, it's gone, it's over, it broke, it ended, it's wasted, it died, it saw better days
Hey, whatever happened to that laptop you needed help with?
- Yamamoto
by Mexeattleite March 30, 2010
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the ace of nekoma / outside hitter for vc kanagawa. criminally underrated - how do you look at those fangs and not love him? bit of a twat at the start of the manga but becomes amazing as he develops. more talented than you realise!!
me: my favourite character is yamamoto taketora

everyone: who?
by taketorasaurus December 15, 2020
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The Soutaicho (Captain-Commander, Head-Captain) from the manga/ anime BLEACH.

Yamamoto is the most powerful character from Bleach, his beard is silky, it is long, it is beautiful and it destroys civilizations. He is so badass that he can become the sun on command. To completely ruin something beyond comprehension, to the point where it simply vanishes from existence.
"Wow, that guy has a nice beard."

"Yeah but it's nothing on Genryusai Yamamoto."


"Oh god, there's a terrorist attack."

"Fuck it, looks like I'd better go Yamamoto on these bitches and remove them from reality."
by Yama-mun September 13, 2012
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You pour Hot sauce on a girl pussy and all over her then put hot candle wax on her while you screw her. She has to Yell UGGGGGGG when she has a flaming orgaism
Hey this soup is spicy like the Dirty Yamamoto I gave your mom last night.

Hey when is the hot-sauce coming in I got give my wife a dirty Yamamoto soon
by M-D -10 November 15, 2010
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Everyone loves Yamamoto.

He is the best dog in the world and knows the deepest secrets of an Edmund.
Yamamoto the bist wingman.
by Chinsio November 21, 2021
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