Arabic word for come on! or Let's Go! Used by people who have lived in the arab world in any contact.
Yallah, let's go!
Yallah, I'm waiting!
Ok, I'll talk to you later. Yallah, bye.
by aline August 7, 2003
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yallah samy, see ya on monday
which means : okay samy, see ya on monday
by blitzz September 5, 2007
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Hurry up
Lets go
Come on

* may also be spelled, Yalla.
To use it as "Yallah, let's go" would be invalid as Yallah means lets go.

You could use it this way;

"Yallah (name/nickname of person you are speaking to) _____"
or simply; "Yallah!"
by Levantine Princess April 1, 2010
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This a word that means oh god in arabic but some people think it means hurry up but it has a h at the end so it actually means oh god so yeah
Hey mom Fatima got into a car accident today. Yallah! is she ok? No shit she’s not ok she just got into a car accident. I’m finna whoop yo ass
by It’s maheen November 27, 2021
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Being too often in a hurry.
a: I'm so busy, I'm always in a hurry!
b: Yeah men, you're over-yallahing! Relax!
by SHuisman November 10, 2010
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Arabic for: "Follow me my love"

Karl Wolf's Song: "Yalla Habibi"
Girl: Where are you going?
Guy: Well if you wanna find out yallah habibi
by Skrn January 18, 2010
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yallah habibzz... ;);)
yallah habibzz has the best fringe
by john.frankyyy January 8, 2012
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