21 definitions by i am zam

A Robot that is not strong
it always fights with forkosh.
the zam uses robocops operating system to perform its directives.
i am robocop not you!
oh crap! Robocop is here lets run, but wait we have zam on our side he can just shank him!
by i am zam March 12, 2003
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Another of Lukareas most deadly moves.

so powerfull it can make stars and meteors dissapear.
this move is Forkosh's weakness
you are a nothing to me i wil lnow put an end to all of this. STarlight Extinciton!!
by i am zam March 11, 2003
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zams journey in finding the hidden light to unlock his dormant powers. this quest is by far the most challenging quest ever. it is full of dangers and ambushes. if ever enterded in this quest you have to be always carful of being speared by lukarea.
while i was on my quest for enlightment luke speared me thru a mountain and destroyd my fully loaded ass!
by i am zam May 09, 2003
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One of Lukareas newest move
its so powerfull to make a whole galaxy explode. iIf the move connect with the opponent, you are sent to a 3rd dimension that its almost impossible to climb out of. a mere deadly move

i am gonna finish you off with my Galaxian Explosion!
by i am zam March 11, 2003
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Skinny ass little bitch who thinks he's cool but really has no friends. Plus his toe is fucked up

What the hell, there's another Chris Jones sitting at our table; stop sitting with the cool kids and find some actual red "friends."
by i am zam March 12, 2003
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a legendary warrior
zams best companion
forkosh is one of zam's directives
zam must protect the forkosh
forkosh is nice
forkosh is good
by i am zam February 16, 2003
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