21 definitions by i am zam

a legendary warrior
zams best companion
forkosh is one of zam's directives
zam must protect the forkosh
forkosh is nice
forkosh is good
by i am zam February 17, 2003
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forkosh fused with mannarea
one of forkoshes most lethal forms
he is almost unbeatable at this stage of power
mannarea plus forkosh equals forkosherea!
by i am zam February 17, 2003
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zams pal
the forkosh is lethal
his moves are tremendous, but no match for the zam
zam trained the forkosh
forkosh became a forkosherea
zam must protect the forkosh!
the forkosh is evil

by i am zam February 17, 2003
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this is a move that is triggered by teh following:
8:chinese stars
9:anything that is not red
10:a denyal of being red
11:failure of upholding a zam directive
13:yao ming

this move is performed as follows:
first of all you must be in a angered state of mind, (i.e. being denied of being red) you make a full rotation with your body and as you are rotating your finger nails extend 3-9inches long giving you mad good traction grip.
once you are turned aronud u gripple your opponents pants and rip them off and start to jump up and down and side to side (i.e. wobble) thsi may seem like gay sex but its not. as you are wobbling on your opponnet you yell in his year sounds like a chicken blow air with your tounge flapping in the wind so that it causes sounds. this makes ur opponent shocked and cannot fight back.
btw this move is not effective at all against forkosh and lukarea and italiano cangianorea.
by i am zam April 4, 2003
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when u hit a really high shot in tennis and say "ghandiiiiiiiiiiii! and shot when it lands.- mostly said by stupid azz niggas who r playing tennis.
This person is scared to admit his sexuality, so he hides it by substituting b for the f
A sex demon. Sometimes she has bat wings on her head or back. But that enhances her sexiness. she is so hot that makes zam tingle as well as mingle o yea i am zam not u!
forkosherea!!! zR watr no uyes
o yea
i am so hot
forkosh! yakittY YAKK!!!!!

luke i am gonna shizzolarte you ! i am zam not u me! get it
by i am zam April 8, 2003
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zam's horror form. its newest and most lethal version. zam made a deal with the devil himself to turn into this blood sucking zamcula. in order to do so he had to challenge the original dracula to a wobbeling match. and of course teh zam came out on top. snow zam has the power of evil running thru his vains. zam is now a demon within himself and is all set out to challenge lukes newest and most ultimate form. "lukegeta" chek out the definition for that too.
zamcula's moves are the zim spit and the zam bite aka "ZM". the zam spit is executed by doing 3 consecutive cartwheels and then jumping up in the air and wobbling within air, therefore u suck in all the air and then unleash a huge spitball against your opponent. the spit ball can reach speads of 300mph so when it hits you it causes damage like a shotgun fired at close range.in order for zam to transform to zamcula he has to say a phrase... its in the example.
evil spirits come to me... let me become ZAMCULA
by i am zam June 23, 2003
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A Robot that is not strong
it always fights with forkosh.
the zam uses robocops operating system to perform its directives.
i am robocop not you!
oh crap! Robocop is here lets run, but wait we have zam on our side he can just shank him!
by i am zam March 12, 2003
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