Yahya is the best person you'll ever know. He's open minded he can solve all your problems you'll feel comfortable just talking to him and telling him about your problems. And he's also funny you won't stop laughing at his jokes and his sympathetic sense of humor. He is just amazing and handsome. You are mothefucker lucky if you are dating Yahya.
- did you met Yahya?
- ohh damn i did
- he is fucking awsome
by Yoy1 March 9, 2017
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no matter where he is or what he is doing, yahya always pulls through. he is the light in the darkest times, and can make friends in seconds in not only elementary, but beyond
Youre so awesome Yahya!
by just another iqra student September 27, 2018
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The most beautiful, charming and sensitive Egyptian man. Talent for aesthetics and beauty in vision and thoughts.

Yahya is spiritual and deep, but prevents his own success by concerns that are only illusions.

A man named Yahya is hot and will always be your arab Habiby.
Yahya dreams of stardom while letting his daily life accomplish too little ..

Yahya .. I can't help but be in love with you forever.
by deja612 April 6, 2013
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yahya is the most handsome strong man with very long body features most people get jealous of him and look down and kiss his feet. they often also give me favors ;) none is worthy of yahya and all who challenge him end up and a carpet for his beautiful feet
person 1: have you heard of yahya he is the most handsome person out there
person 2: dont you also have to look down when he is near
person 3: none is worthy of him
by yournotworthyofyahya August 28, 2018
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you are not worthy of yahya you should look down and make yourself look bad and get on yahya level none is worthy of yahya. yahya is a very handsome and muscular man
person 1: yahya is the best person

person 2: isn't yahya muscle so big

person 3: also he is big down there
by yournotworthyofyahya August 28, 2018
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Yahya is the type of person to team up with someone in Roleplaying server and is absolute a chad and not only that they are good friends with other people in a Discord Server and not only that AGAIN they are a good Moderator because they are chad and have balls of steel.
Woah is that a Yahya? Because he looks like a chad lol.
by Dudebro_TheClonetrooper September 2, 2021
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Yahya is the most interesting, funny person. He has two sides of himself simpathetic, understanding, and watchful and the other side features a nurturing funny person who is well adequated with the ladies.
Yahya is so cool its crazy I love him this much and I dont know the full side of him

I know every side and bone of his body if you know what I mean

ew. Inside thinking* I wish I could too
by kxmfn3hjxndn3 April 30, 2019
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