Yahaya, a Hausa name, also known as John in English means God of Heaven is Gracious.
by DDY6002 June 15, 2020
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Yahaya is a nice person . He is smexy . He is very funny. He is tall and very handsome most girl would be lucky to have a Yahaya fall for them . He can also be very dirty minded . He is fun to hang around with . He is very smart and he has a good memory . He has a large dick and his cum taste like passion fruit
by Ghdbd November 25, 2021
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Yahaya Abdullahi is vellege man from dabaza in jigawa state, kazaure county, nigeria. He is hard working muslim man's,and very hapenes even if conditions...
Donate yahya's gofundme and inshallah the conditions will improve 🙏
Yahaya:The conditions improving slowly from the work and the white people's,Masha Allah
Me: Thank you for the wisdom Yahaya
by Squambo November 23, 2021
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An Absolute Alpha male, completely dominant in all forms of life and can fist fight a bear. If you ever encounter someone named yahaya, treat him how you would treat kanye west.
Oh fuck i heard that guy dropped connor Mcgregor, "oh he must be yahaya"
by A guy who respects yahaya November 22, 2021
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