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An affront of considerable discourtesy which derives its roots from the computerized game Elden Ring, which was distributed to the common people by the computerized game developing company which goes by the title of FromSoftware on the 24th of February in the year of 2022. It is commonly employed to proclaim the lack of bitches or hoes of any gent whom thou hast a particular interest in jesting with, regardless of his true martial status.
Distinguished gent #1: Thou art an utter buffoon
Distinguished gent #2: L + maidenless + tarnished + no runes + touch grace + can't dodge + unfit to graft
by Squambo March 7, 2022
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Yahaya Abdullahi is vellege man from dabaza in jigawa state, kazaure county, nigeria. He is hard working muslim man's,and very hapenes even if conditions...
Donate yahya's gofundme and inshallah the conditions will improve 🙏
Yahaya:The conditions improving slowly from the work and the white people's,Masha Allah
Me: Thank you for the wisdom Yahaya
by Squambo November 23, 2021
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