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Usually said after a sentence, sorta like "na mean" or "ya understand"
when i stepped in with my new jordans, someone asks me
"how u get those, they aint even come out yet"
"i got connections ya dig"
by dae' December 20, 2005
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to ask if you have a full understanding of a situtation,person, place or thing. used either by itself or to end a statement
man baby block head game was sick. YADIG
by hollywood pup August 02, 2006
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Chicago Made Term For "Check Me Out" or Can be replace for an Object Like Clothes
Aye! Folk I Just Bought Dis Beast Ass Fit, "Ya Dig?"(Like It)


Aye! Im Funna Bend Dis Block To Pick Up Dis Lil "Ya Dig"(Female)
by Kartune October 06, 2007
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