When you throw something 20 miles from where you are.
Bob: Where's the baseball?
Billy: I Ya-ya-ya-ya Tested it.
Ya-ya-ya-ya Yeet: Threw Far
by WorldOfGamingYT April 23, 2019
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when your too swag for life
ya ya ya yeet ya
by eryy October 19, 2018
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From the 1945 Cajun book "Gumbo Ya Ya" meaning everyone talking all at once.
by Work of Art February 18, 2013
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When you over promise someone something by saying ya ya to everything they ask and not following through with it. Usually said by Europeans.
Donnie, can I have free floor mats? Ya Ya of course you can, I promise you I will get them for you.
by brown mountain September 17, 2009
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well my great great grandmother was called Ya Ya after her grandmother.. a slave..
it is a word from the Yoruban tribe of Africa
one definition is divine
there is no need to {negate} or {disrespect} a name or word from our lost culture out of ignorance
Ya-Ya loved to tell us stories of the old days, unknowingly we were participants in an age old tradition.
by Di'allo December 6, 2005
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A woman's vaginal area, consisting of all the parts of the vagina.
I had to go to the ya ya doctor today for my annual pap.
by Ladiibugii July 5, 2005
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a greeting, such as hello or good bye, also used as a an encouragement for a job well done
by Amandia October 1, 2010
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