XYZ is a synonym for alcoholic beverages.

This is mainly used when one does not want to say alcohol outright and would rather use a more subtle approach.
Jill: "Is XYZ permitted and do we bring our own?"

Jack: "Alcoholic beverages are most definitely permitted!!!"
by Kensaiwizard August 25, 2010
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to examine your nipples.
lets xyz.
miss we need to xyz.
if you want to be cool we have to xyz you.
i got to xyz monica.
by MONIGA June 03, 2008
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fuck you, you editor named betty crocker, i bet all u do is shit on people that want a simple definition to say "xyz is also a group of people, like jackass, in socal", but no, u shit on everyone cuz u havent had sex yet and are close to a midlife crisis. FUCK YOU. if i knew u, i would honestly call u a bitch, wait for a reply , then walk away cuz i KNOW u are too bitch to say anything, or do anything, about it. u...fag.
xyz is a group of guys in San Diego that party, do stunts like set a slip and slide up with nothing but gasoline, then actually slide through it, and are willing to chill with anyone. they arent "the hardest gang in the world" as some dipshit editor by the name of betty crocker, wait wait, my bad, BETTY CROCKER, thats right, all caps u dog rapist, would say behind someones back like the lil bitch he is. if he lives anywhere in socal, i want to meet him or her just to see what the lowest level of geek looks like
by acesbcc July 26, 2007
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Lovely cunt. Never will steal your potatoes.
That chap in the green hat is a real xyz
by xray1050 April 14, 2019
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knows for being a pedo he is attracted to kids his favourite place to choose his victims is in magic planted
by Jack den (SKJ) February 10, 2019
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short for β€œexamine your zipper”. used to tell someone that their fly is open.
Dude XYZ!!
via giphy
by sabb6917 July 07, 2018
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