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A beautiful and popular girl. Her name is good luck for 560 years.
Yesss I just met a Xiana!!!
by ThexHeadxNurse September 02, 2014
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a girl who’s beauty is undeniable, her personality makes her easy to fall in love with. she knows what she wants in life and will do what she has to do to succeed. she’s super athletic, determined, sexy, and fun to be around. she overall has a great sense of humor, she is caring for each and everyone of her friends. xiana is reliable and she’s easy to get along with easy to talk to, and she is nice to everyone. you can tell her anything and she won’t judge you, she is also very cool and has tons of friends. if your friends with a xiana, don’t take advantage of that.
xiana is a cool girl
she’s not as cool as xiana

hey do you know xiana? she’s great!
by goodfun354 June 01, 2018
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A girl who cant keep a secret for shit, she is over dramatic but is also really fun to hang around sometimes.
person#1: Dude did you hear what Xiana did to Britany?
Person#2: Yeah she slapped her.
Person#1:No this morning she made her cry.

Person#2: Again?
by DickLovesGoodDick February 09, 2018
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