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Sex while parents are home. Stealth fucking him reverse cowgirl seated under cover of playing xbox. For extended unobserved periods easily transition to anal spoon position with fast recovery to gaming. Requires second controller and rapid refractory.

Score points by number of sequential orgasms, minutes of uninterrupted stroking, noise level, staying hard during parental interruption, speed of remount, jizz volume, fingering her while mounted while playing actual xbox game, blowjob to keep him hard, both talking dirty into gaming headsets.

Lose points for masturbating to get hard, premature ejaculation, penetration fumble, dying in game by pleasure distraction, not maintaining pumping rhythm while playing xbox game, sex noise that attracts attention, soft after jizzing, not bearing down on penis, farting during anal spoon, not keeping his penis hard while in stealth.
For best results gal should have crotchless shorts with fabric flap and guy should have fly without harsh zipper teeth. Guy seated on floor slouched legs extended towards xbox, gal seated in lap facing xbox. When parents not looking gal mounts penis out fly reverse cowgirl seated. Xbox sex puts her in control except max penetration depth when stealth seated.

xbox sex is not ideal with puberty dick. Magnul XL girth and length preferred for her pleasure with minimum motions especially ribbed or many veins. Seven'' length by five and a half'' girth any less is short or skinny or both. Go soft for stealth unmount after either orgasm or surprise parental visit mid stroke.

Both lean over to anal spoon from xbox sex with heads towards door or parental observation direction for counter-surveillance switching to anal orifice as cum receptacle.Better than average length makes position transition easier. Inexperienced gal more easily convinced into anal with below average girth. More girth always preferable.
by My Adventure Crotchless October 29, 2012
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its like phone sex but uses the xbox live as a way to communicate with another the other person. they may also use the new xbox feature video kinect which would make xbox sex the same as cyber sex
My girlfriend got a video kinect the other day and we xbox sexed.
by Panuel February 28, 2011
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