No words could possibly describe how cute/hot he is, totally talented with hiphop, jazz, ballet, soccer, handball, backflips off a rope and front flips too. Has got a dirty mind but reallllyy funny! Lots of friends and I mean lots. Loves the beach and getting into water sports like swimming, surfing ect.. Loves his family and friends. Loves girls checking him out, loves attention and speaking in front of an audience (always first to volunteer) Amazingly good at sports and adorably competitive! Digs girls who are good at sports! Some how steals every girls hearts who meet him and is likely to be the best bae ever!!!! So if u know a Xaver hold on to him cause these boys are very special
James: Smash or pass for Xaver?
Emily: Oh that boi but smaaaassh
James: Yeah Xaver is ligit
by Xaver Boys September 03, 2017
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