A show that dates back to the orgins of zdtv when it was called Extended Play. It has managed to survive many years all the way from zdtv, techtv, and now G4techtv. With long time host Adam Sessler who has had two co-host to this point. The first Kate Botello, and now Morgan Webb.
The show is a mix of humor (mostly campy gags and over the top line reading) and gaming reviews, previews, interviews, etc.
Although x play can be irritating it can be quitean enjoyable show as well.
by Rankojin June 24, 2004
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a cool tvshow on g4tv about gamereviews & sneakpeeks staring adam sessler and morgenwebb
did u see that x play last night
by kevin and devin April 15, 2006
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A show on G4TechTV which is all about video games.The two hosts include Adam Sessler and morgan Webb.Twists comedy into the mix to make a very good show
Did you see the new episode of X Play?
by RocaFella May 31, 2004
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1.A once great tv show that is now crap.

2.A tv show that bashes anime and dungeon crawlers just for being anime and dungeon crawlers.

3.A tv show that ruins the reputation of good games by
being "brutally honest," but are really making crap up just to avoid being canceled.
Producers of X Play: Alright now we want you to review FF7.

Adam Sessler: Wait, I thought I already...

Producers of G4: Yes, we know it was a good game, but now we want you to break the mood and talk crap about it.

Adam Sessler: What, are you nuts?! The whole world likes that game! If I said I hate it, the...


Adam Sessler: O_O *GULP*
by The Truth about G4 October 21, 2009
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When a guy flirts with three girls at one time.
"Dude! Do you see Jake? He is totally getting X- Play right now!"
by Lillian Marquis August 12, 2008
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Saro X plays IS THE COOLEST YOUTUBE IN THE WORLD change my mind
Saro X Plays is coolio
by Idkboi123 December 23, 2020
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