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Wuxia can be crudely translated as "chivalrous warrior", and is used as an all-encompassing term to describe a genre of Chinese fiction that deals with knight-errant martial artists in the "Jianghu", or the composite fantasy world, as Eric Yin puts it, of "lumpen intelligentsia, adventurers, monks, priests, rebels, cultists, unemployed peasants and laborers, itinerant peddlers, beggars, disbanded soldiers, gangsters, smugglers, and other outcasts of society".
_Once Upon A Time In China_ is a terrific wuxia movie.
by Tarrasque November 19, 2002
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slums, sort of people in the ghetto.
slumie underworld where the low life's who lossed their jobs and positions are at.
wuxia mafia,town broker,human slave traders,blackmarket(easy to get weed and drugs)
by freshprince995 October 21, 2011
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