Big or unkept hair on the top of your head
You’ve got a wug on your head
by Rion1946 August 31, 2020
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Synonym of love, based off of wuv, usually an auto incorrect until your phone recognizes the word enough to be an auto correct
Person 1:No homo bro, but I wug you (u)!
Person 2: I wug you (u) too!
by TheBizarreOutlander November 21, 2018
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Acronym: Weekly Urban Guzzler. Australian slang for a weekly social group of drinkers.
Come WUG with us next Wednesday - have a drink, enjoy the laughs, but just don't WUG yourself out too much - you've got to go to work the next day. Be WUG responsible.
by Echidnasands July 23, 2015
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