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An acronym for "What the fuck, Richard", a popular internet meme referring to any accidental action you do that is unexpected and obviously does not help you in progressing your situation. Can also be used when expressing disappointment in your current situation. Originated from a popular disc golf video in which a disc is thrown wildly across a road instead of at the basket.
You: It's 70 degrees out in February, see you on the course?
Me: Sorry the kid is sick...
by NthHour February 28, 2017
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wtfr is a abreviation for 'what the fucking rabbits'
as in describing the 'wakiest possible thing to come around on your block'
Known By Nik Tosh And Randy
While Randy Being Totally Kick ass
Nik and Tosh Made It Up WHile Trying To Type Semi-drunk
"omggzz! WTFR is with that kid with that power rangers commercial toy"
by nikolas ogden November 17, 2006
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