Wray is a very intelligent, sweat, nice, joker guy. He is always there for you know matter what. He does not judge people. He holds his head up high and has made it through some of life’s toughest battles if he can make it through that he can make it through anything!! he is also pro at {xbx} and is also a {ninja}!!
someone struggling throw deppression fought there hardest and made it through like the wray way.
by the true meaning of wray April 10, 2011
1. Not a team

2. Not a wing man but the whole chicken

3. No Luigi

4. To run solo

Verb. 1. The action of taking a broken ninjas bitch
Should I invite my friends to come with me to Six Flags or should I just go Wray Wray?
by Tidgeset July 2, 2014
Can be pronounced in many ways including - 'ray', 'ree', 'reeeaaaeeeeee'.

Usually follows a particular unfortunate moment or incident.

Is the direct opposite of ussss.
Yeppell: I only sold 5 cards this week, thats £7 income for the month, wrai.

Beester: But wrai, can we still have cuddles though?

White: Wrai! Swampy just broke up with me, but wait up, i'll be in bondi shortly...

Patson/Kendy: Oh well, this will be the 3rd season in a row we're paying premier league season ticket prices to watch lower league football...wrai :(

Gayshall: No more australia, wraaaaaaiiii

Kevo: wrai, sharn won't take me back but london will, usssss.
by Beester May 15, 2009
A person who is with Brenda Nguyen .
Wray, why are you a wray?
by skgjslkg November 15, 2008
Another word for thief or scam artist among the car scene in Australia.
Don’t be a Jordan Wray! Do the right thing and just pay the money.
by SayWhatWigga January 10, 2020
A term used for something that is ambigious. Not sure of what something or who someone is.

It can be used in the same situation as a simple "I don't know". Is normally after the words "Who is"
Person 1: Have you seen my pen?

Person 2: Who is John Wray?


Person 1: Who is that guy over there?
Person 2: Who is John Wray?
by J H Norway October 2, 2010
One sexy kid that is filled with love and cheeseburgers. He is very lovable and everyone thinks of him as their god
by M R J U N G L E M A N February 27, 2019