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Can be pronounced in many ways including - 'ray', 'ree', 'reeeaaaeeeeee'.

Usually follows a particular unfortunate moment or incident.

Is the direct opposite of ussss.
Yeppell: I only sold 5 cards this week, thats £7 income for the month, wrai.

Beester: But wrai, can we still have cuddles though?

White: Wrai! Swampy just broke up with me, but wait up, i'll be in bondi shortly...

Patson/Kendy: Oh well, this will be the 3rd season in a row we're paying premier league season ticket prices to watch lower league football...wrai :(

Gayshall: No more australia, wraaaaaaiiii

Kevo: wrai, sharn won't take me back but london will, usssss.
by Beester May 15, 2009
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