Doing extensive workouts and burning calories to firm or tighten thighs
She has great legs her thigh work out consist of sex 2 times a day almost every day
by Websters dickshunary August 06, 2014
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a thing that people say helps lose weight but does you no good what so ever
dave:u need to lose weight

clay: you should workout to lose all that weight

sage: working out does not help lose weight dumass
by kai_love October 14, 2021
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Another fancier, more acceptable way to say that your masturbating
Jeff: What are you doing later Tom?
Tom: Im working out my guycep later.
Jeff: What gym do you go to?
Tom: My computer chair.
by Jay and Day June 02, 2013
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1. Meaning to have a large amount of work to complete.
I will not be able to attend our sex appointment because I have work out the ass.
by Mr.right all the time February 25, 2019
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