a word invested with indefinable qualities, that poses as a normal word.
the wordls contained in your last missive threw me out the window of the locomotive.
by bittersweet symphony September 11, 2003
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A fun text game in which the player is supposed to spell words as fast as possible to earn the highest score. The high score is often reserved for great players with a large vocabulary.
Janice: Oh man Ken, you're so good at wordle! I wish I had your vocabulary.
by natrulbornkilla69 August 9, 2009
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A fun guess-the-word game on a website that you can only play once a day, where you get six guesses to figure out what the five-letter word of the day is.
Did you do today's Wordle? It only took me three tries to figure out the answer.
by yckaar February 12, 2022
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wordle is the game that gets to much fucking attention. its guess the fucking word. dont even gets me started on quordle, or octordle of fucking duotriurdle.
person one: im playing wordle
me: throws computer out window
wordle: fancy word for shit
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A word game where you try and guess a 5 letter word in 6 tries.
“Did you get the wordle today? The word is f-“ “DONT SAY THE WORD
by CITYARCADE March 24, 2022
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A word used to describe Chicago as not being the best city in the world
ABC7 proclaimed that Chicago is the best city in the wordl
by Ado60630 January 31, 2018
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a new game that a bunch of old facebook mom’s play. all you do is guess a five letter word.
Amy: Did you get the Wordle today?

Margaret: Yes! Only three tries.
by yourworstnightmarelol February 8, 2022
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