to mark the end of a conversation and your departure. opposite of word up
"Dude, I gotta run, word out"
by Shells April 21, 2004
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to bring down the house literally using your pinky (on the right hand)
7:00 Joe will word out the house
*If it aint raininy*
by anonymous March 2, 2003
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When you have had WAY to much of a person, place or thing.
All (Insert word)-ED Out examples: (they have example words in them.)
1. Person: "I've been all John-ed out this weekend. I saw him like everyday!"

2. Place: "I'm all McDonald's-ed out. I've had it everyday for a week."

3. Thing: "I'm going to be all light-ed out tomorrow. I'm covering my whole house with them."
by BABSILICIOUS December 26, 2009
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a TOW is something like "cool" or "hmm" while somebody is telling you something, like them having a disease and they need your help to sell drugs.
"So then I said to her i hate her and then we divorced and my life fell apart.."


"You using saying Tuned Out Words?"



by thisisgaymerica September 13, 2018
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When ur white so u can't say the (i)N-Word so you have to say the out-word cuz rasicm is bad bill nye says
(white person) What's good my out-word? (Black person) What the fuck did you say, wetback?
by Bell Nye October 17, 2019
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