3 definitions by thisisgaymerica

(1) When you go in the bathroom and take a sh**
(2) Your neighbors
(3) Everything
Bob: Honey, i gotta take a sh**
Wanda: Again?
Bob: Yeah this is terrible... CUT!
by thisisgaymerica October 7, 2018
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"This guy is offending me. Ima drop a missle on him."

"Well, missles go boom and they're dangerous, and i don't wanna start a war...."

"So you want one too?"

"Umm.... nope"
by thisisgaymerica September 13, 2018
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a TOW is something like "cool" or "hmm" while somebody is telling you something, like them having a disease and they need your help to sell drugs.
"So then I said to her i hate her and then we divorced and my life fell apart.."


"You using saying Tuned Out Words?"



by thisisgaymerica September 13, 2018
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