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An acronym for: lynching foreigners and orangutans. Coined by the typical patriotic fascist of a country that will remain anonymous (y'all folks should know it's mainly used in the south of this said country) in order to rid this country, which we will call The Yunyttad Systaits of Amarryka, of immigrants... and those blasted orangutans because they're getting a bit TOO smart and TOO big to be left alone, not only that, they're native to Asia, that practically makes them Asian, so who knows what they're building underground with those genius genes?
Amarrykan: Dood, Amarryka should totally start lfao.
Amarrykan2: Wut now?
Amarrykan: Lynchin' dos f**king foreigners and orangutans, before they bomb us man.
Amarrykan2: Why orangutans?
Amarrykan: Damn man, you iggnant, cuz they Azn yo, they prolly got gunz and shit hidden in robot trees dawg.
Amarrykan2: Ohlolyeah, let's get to lfao; Ammaryka ftw.
by Wii Lastnamelastname December 22, 2010
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