a form of the word "word", used to replace it. Also meanin yeah and its good. replaces, Fiah, nice, and any otha word for good you can think of
U got that new skoal citrus?

by biffaholic March 16, 2007
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dorchester slang for yeah, it also can mean fiah, word and propa. Many people used worbs, now it is slowly fading out. It is generaly a response to a question, mostly used as the answer to yes or no questions.
Yo Nick u smokin that blizz?

Yo what the fuck is that kid thinkin. Biff wanna stomp him?
by Biff Leary March 18, 2007
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What happens when your vocal cords get dyslexia.
The slurred way of speaking that sounds like you are having a stroke but you aren't actually having one.
Bella Thorne may have dyslexia but she has yet to let a worb slip out.

A: "youuu havve somethinn on yer facee."
B: "You good bro?"
A: "Yeh just havinn a worb."
by TheOnlyGarret March 26, 2020
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meaning a person who has not washed ones genitals in a long period of time
both boy and girl
you are such a worb like seriously clean that shit up
by hahaufgt December 15, 2014
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You meant to type worm but instead typed worb. Now you are here, getting information on the rare Scandinavian tube worb.
The Scandinavian tube worb is indigenous to the shores of southern Scandinavia, and it eats small children that go out o shore past curfew.
by fountain pen #1 May 21, 2018
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Hey dude, check out that stupid douche drinking Worb Water and raping all bong smokers not just cranks chance to not be raped by sensationlist america.
by LDF93 July 10, 2008
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