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The state of being so incredibly fucked up that you've lost track of reality, though you are still lucid. Generally, one who is woozled is unlikely to make any goddamn sense and will not remember later what they were trying to say. Likely to happen when smoking large amounts of marijuana in combination with large doses of downers/ "stupid" drugs (i.e. ethanol, dextromethorphan, alprazolam, and generally anything that causes lapses in memory).
"Damn, nigga... I'm straight woozled. I feel like there's a banana in my ass. That Mexican robot wasn't kidding about this shit, you feel me Otter?"
by doctorcynicism November 03, 2013
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What you become after heart-pattering, knee-weakening, head-spinning kissing, or other such activity. To be associated with the word woo, which is what someone must do to you in order for you to have become woozled.
After that mind-blowing goodbye kiss, I was so thoroughly woozled I could barely walk to my car.
by danielleabella December 19, 2008
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1. absolutely shreked (adjective)
2. the process of absolutely shreking someone (verb)

that someone who is woozled or has been woozled by someone is now subject to the woozle effect
by alexdapineapple February 11, 2019
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